Daniel Garrie

Daniel Garrie serves as the Executive Managing Partner of Law & Forensics, the Editor-in-Chief of the Journal of Law & Cyberwarfare and acts as the Head of the Global Cyber Security practice at Zeichner Ellman & Krause, a New York-based Law Firm. He is sought-after computer forensic expert, as well as a technical special master at JAMS. Daniel is also a Professor at Cardozo School of Law and has taught at Georgetown and Rutgers School of law, including the first class on Cyber Warfare and the Lawadjunct Professor of Law at Cardozo School of Law.

Daniel has built and sold several Internet security, e-commerce, and search technology startups. In addition to his Law Degree, he holds a Bachelor’s and Master’s in computer science and appears as comfortable talking with entrepreneurs as he is with developers, lawyers, and judges.  Daniel’s entrepreneurial experience includes several start-ups in the search, mobile and cybersecurity verticals, including, SearchApp Inc., LegalTech Group and Digital Reef Inc.  Daniel is also an active advisor and board member for a number of different companies, including Get.it, Digital Cupcake, and Eccentex.

In addition, Daniel has written more than 150 scholarly articles published, including: Wall Street Journal, Harvard National Security Law Journal, the Daily Journal, Huffington Post, and Litigation Journal of American Bar Association. His scholarship is cited by Black’s Law Dictionary for defining the terms Internet, Software, and Algorithm.  In addition, Daniel has been cited by dozens of federal and state courts, including: Arrivalstar v. US, US v. Briggs,  Coast Professional, Inc. v. US, Genger v. TR Investors, LLC, John B. v. Goetz, and Northruop Grumman Computing Systems, Inc. v. US. Daniel is also frequently quoted in publications such as Bloomberg, the Wall Street Journal, and the New York Times on issues relating to cyber security and cyberwarfare..  Daniel is also the co-author six books published by Thomson Reuters, the American Bar Association.

Daniel has a bachelors from Brandies University in Computer Science, masters from Brandeis University in Computer Science, JD from Rutgers School of Law.


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