Day 1
15 Oct 2020

Intelligence, Judiciary, and Business – How can they all work together?

This session will also offer insights from the Bench and the Bar on topics ranging from unintended consequences due to legislation, legal rulings, liability and emerging issues on the legal landscape. This session will provide an opportunity to hear directly from sitting members of the Judiciary on their thought processes and decision-making considerations when issuing rulings. It will also provide an insight into where they believe the often slow to adapt legal landscape is headed in the ever-changing cyber sphere. The opportunity to hear from these decision makers and thought leaders on how they foresee the cyber legal frontier emerging is invaluable to all who operate in the cyber realm.

Phil Venables
Chris Inglis
Hon. David Carter
Daniel Garrie

Perspectives on Cyber Attacks Against Government and Enforcement Agencies

Corporate entities and private citizens are not the only targets for cyber-attacks from a variety of actors. Government agencies are at particular risk for attacks from state actors and third-party hackers. Our panelists will provide their perspectaaive on the greatest vulnerabilities facing agencies and the strategies to implement to improve their cybersecurity posture.

Karen Evans
MJ Thomas
Dr. Richard B. Andres
Aristedes Mahairas
Day 2
22 Oct 2020

Cyber Insurance – What You Need to Know

This panel will provide attendees with a full understanding of the risks, exposures, development of claim activity and trends in the areas specific to Data and Network Security, Privacy and Social Media, Cyber attacks by State actors, and the types of cases that result from such. The distinguished presenters will lead interactive sessions on essential cyber coverage topics to ensure attendees have the most comprehensive and up-to-the-minute information needed to flourish in an ever-changing environment. It is a fantastic opportunity for participants to engage and ask questions around complex cybersecurity insurance market that is exploding and engage with brokers, underwriters, and claims adjusters about the risks involved, including policy language issues around cyber warfare and cyber terrorism.

Chuck Jainchill
David Finz
Bridget Choi
Shiraz Saeed
Matthew Prevost
Aarti Soni
Day 3
28 Oct 2020

The Evolving Face of Cyber and Information Conflict

This panel will provide an overview of recent developments in international law, particular in dealing with cybersecurity and cyber warfare. It will offer predictions as to what International, Federal, State, and Local government will do in the cyber realm and the impact it may end up having on the private and public sectors. With the implementation of GDPR and calls for similar protections in the U.S. it is essential that all companies, practitioners, and advisors in the cyber sector understand the constantly evolving state of applicable rules and regulations.

Maj. Gen. Dan Efrony (Ret.)
LTC Ron Alcala
Eric Talbot Jensen
Colonel Gary Corn, US Army (Retired)
Day 4
05 Nov 2020

CISOs & CIOs – How to Work Together Efficiently to Protect Their Organization

This panel will cover a wide range of topics including dangerous new attack techniques and what is coming next from the perspective of Chief Information Security Officers, Chief Information Officers, and General Counsels who face thousands of threats on a daily basis. To properly protect organizations from these risks, it is crucial that they all work together to develop a strong cybersecurity strategy.

Brian Dykstra
Dave Summitt
Joey Johnson
Rhea Siers
Day 5
10 Nov 2020

Cyber from the Perspective of the Board

Cybersecurity continues to be an urgent issue for most organizations big and small all over the globe. The significant risks that cyber threats pose are requiring increased investments in the areas of detection and mitigation. Please join our panel for an interactive discussion on Cybersecurity focused on implications for the boardroom and best practices for board oversight. The panel will provide perspectives on what your board should know about what your organization is doing in respect to Cybersecurity as well as what plans your organization should have in case in case of a breach. The discussion will include perspectives from advisory, legal and insurance leaders that have subject matter expertise in this area, as well as perspectives from your peers in the audience.

Linda Medler, Retired Brigadier General
Derek Vadala
David Aronoff
George Pierce
Tim Murphy
Day 6
19 Nov 2020

Working with the Regulator

More details, including speakers, are to be announced.

Justin Herring
Hon. Leo Gordon
David Cass
Day 7
01 Dec 2020

Building and Fostering a Diverse Cyber and Technology Workforce

More details, including speakers, are to be announced.

Dr. Chenxi Wang
Joanne Saint Louis
Diana Burley

Speakers To Be Announced