10th Annual 

Cyber Warfare Symposium

Cyber Warfare Symposium

October 19th
New York City
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 The Tenth Annual Cyber Warfare Symposium is an annual one-day event presented by the Journal of Law & Cyber Warfare in conjunction with academia, government and private industry organizations. The theme, “Attend. Engage. Learn,” captures the event’s intent to provide unparalleled information sharing and networking opportunities for development of cyber assets on both the human and technological side. Don't miss this opportunity on October 19th!  

The Tenth Annual Cyber Warfare Symposium is an annual one-day event presented by the Journal of Law & Cyber Warfare in conjunction with academia, government and private industry organizations. The theme, “Attend. Engage. Learn,” captures the event’s intent to provide unparalleled information sharing and networking opportunities for development of cyber assets on both the human and technological side. Don’t miss this opportunity on October 19th

This year, JLCW will donate 80% of the revenue from the conference to nonprofits that assist systemically marginalized communities in the fields of cyberwarfare and law.  

“JLCW’s Cyber Warfare Conference covers all aspects of the cyber world. The diverse group of speakers allowed for a great array of perspectives, and everyone was learning from one another.”  

“Attending the JLCW Conference was a wonderful experience. The speakers and attendees were incredibly well-informed on the current state of the cyber world. It was a great environment to be in.” 

“The JLCW Conference is a great way to increase awareness and have discussions about timely issues of global cyber threats. The conference gathers so many knowledgeable people, allowing you to network with industry peers.”

Aristedes Mahairas 


Day 1
19 Oct 2022

Bringing Diversity to Cyber and Technology: Why Are We Still Falling Behind?

As the fields of cybersecurity and technology continue to expand, it is becoming more apparent that there is a shortage of professionals in either area. Even with so many available opportunities, women and minorities continue to be underrepresented. Globally, women and minorities are unrepresented in the workforce and are less likely to hold senior positions in these fields. This panel will look at how organizations and academic bodies can better serve minorities and women and offer practical strategies so CISOs and other leaders can help drive organizational change and include more women and minorities in their cyber workforce.
Jennifer Gold
Diana Burley
Dr. Diana Burley

Judicial Perspective on Cyber Issues: Hackers, Data Breaches, Wiretap, FISA Warrants, and Terrorism.

This panel offers attendees a rare opportunity to hear current and former federal and state court judges engage in a wide-ranging discussion of cybersecurity issues and topics. Hear directly from sitting members of the Judiciary on their thought processes and decision-making considerations when issuing cybersecurity-related rulings. The panel will also provide insight into where they believe the often slow to adopt legal landscape is headed in the ever-changing cybersphere. This is an opportunity for all those who operate in the cyber realm to hear from and ask these decision-makers and thought leaders how they foresee the cyber legal frontier emerging.
Justice Saliann Scarpulla
Hon. David Carter
Hon. David Carter
Hon. Leo Gordon
Hon. Leo Gordon

CISOs Dropping the “Mic”: What CISOs Have to Say About Cybersecurity in 2022 and into 2023

By the time this panel is held in October, the cybersecurity posture of the corporate world will have changed, and new significant incidents experienced. This panel of rockstar Chief Information Security Officers (CISOs) will discuss these currently unknown issues and incidents. However, more importantly, they will offer practical strategies they deploy to help secure their organization. This panel will share their perspective from the front lines, discussing dangerous new attack techniques and what they believe is coming next. The panel also will share strategies and techniques they use to communicate effectively with non-cyber folks about their cyber program.
Matt Lemon
Derek Vadala
Joey Johnson
Joey Johnson

The Cybersecurity and Privacy Two Step: Understanding the Cybersecurity and Privacy Partnership.

The recent SolarWinds cyberattack further confirms that cybercrime will continue growing and escalating. That is why it is important to know how to protect your business and law firms from cyber criminals. This panel will address privacy issues such as data protection and the management of Personal Identifiable Information (PII).
Shannon Yavorsky
Sheryl Ann Yamuder
Sheryl Ann Yamuder

Musings of Senior Law Enforcement and Intelligence Community Leaders on How they Work with the Private Sector and Other Agencies to Protect our Way of Life.

Ukraine and other large-scale cyberattacks are blurring the roles of the law enforcement and intelligence communities in dealing with cyber issues. This panel of Senior Members from Law Enforcement and Intelligence will discuss their roles in helping corporate entities and private citizens deal with cyberattacks by a range of bad actors. The panel will also touch on the challenges facing the government, and the strategies being adopted to help improve the government's cyber posture. Time permitting, the panelists also will discuss how the intelligence community and government agencies can best work together to manage cybersecurity threats.
Christopher Hetner
James Dennehy
Aristedes Mahairas

Cyber Warfare: International and Domestic Law who can do what when and why

With a growing number of malicious state and non-state actors active in the Ukraine, China, Brazil, Mexico, North Korea, and other locations, cyber warfare rules are changing. This panel will provide an overview of recent developments in international and domestic law, particularly in dealing with cybersecurity and cyber warfare. It will offer predictions as to what International, Federal, State, and Local governments will do in the cyber realm and the impact those actions may end up having on the private and public sectors. It is essential that all companies, practitioners, and advisors in the cyber sector understand these constantly evolving rules and regulations on cybersecurity and cyberwarfare.
Robin Crabtree
Eric Talbot Jensen
Eric Talbot Jensen
Dr. Richard B. Andres
Dr. Richard B. Andres
Gary Corn
Colonel Gary Corn

Hear the General Counsel Perspective on Cybersecurity and Privacy.

The growing threat of cybercrime has motivated lawmakers to consider how to pass fair laws for both individuals and corporations. The prevalence of cybercrime and the emergence of new laws are forcing boards and their general counsels to work closely with the Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) to make decisions about how to effectively protect the company against cyberattacks, respond to data breaches and other types of attacks, and remain in compliance with applicable data protection laws within their own regions and around the world. Some of the risks that companies depend on their general counsels to help address are the loss of critical data, legal penalties, regulatory penalties, and reputational issues.
Natalie Lamarque
George Pierce
George Pierce

Hear from Regulators on how to work with them, and what they want from you.

This panel will cover cybersecurity and privacy regulations and considerations from the perspective of federal regulators, particularly those in the financial sector. Panelists will discuss threats facing the financial industry, cybersecurity vulnerabilities and risks, and best practices for protecting these sectors, and what they are looking for from those they regulate.
Adam Storch
Justin Herring
Justin Herring
David Cass
David Cass

Understand the Dark Art of Cyberscurity Insurance from the Experts.

This panel will cover cyber insurance, including risks, exposures, development of claim activity, and trends specific to data and network security and cyber-attacks by state actors. This informative session on essential cyber coverage topics will ensure attendees have the type of comprehensive information and understanding needed to flourish in an ever-changing environment. Participants will be able to ask questions to, and hear answers from brokers, underwriters, and claims adjusters regarding the complex and evolving cybersecurity insurance market, including the risks involved and the policy language issues around cyber insurance.
Kelly Castriotta
Anthony J. Dolce, Esq.
Matthew Prevost