Richard Borden

Chief Privacy Officer and Partner at White and Williams

Considered a thought leader in the areas of the cloud, SaaS, the Internet of Things and big data (collection, aggregation, movement and usage), Rick speaks and writes on these topics regularly. He has taught university law school courses on information governance, cyber warfare and cybersecurity at the University of Connecticut School of Law, Benjamin Cardozo School of Law in New York, and Rutgers Law School in New Jersey. Rick is on the Board of Editors of the Journal of Law and Cyber Warfare and is a Senior Advisor to the RANE Networks.

Rick is an inventor, holding several patents – two covering insurance processing systems and methods for using mobile devices for medical monitoring application (US 8510133 and US 9224171), one covering systems and methods for managing an emergency situation (US 9349366), one for insurance processing systems and methods using mobile devices for proof of insurance (US 9495709), and another for system and method for geocoded insurance processing using mobile devices (US 95852B2). He has filed other patent applications on a system for synergistic data processing, and an insurance processing system and method using mobile devices for proof of ownership.

Prior to joining White and Williams, Rick was the chief privacy officer and chief information security and privacy counsel of Depository Trust & Clearing Corporation (DTCC). He also acted as the general counsel of Soltra, the DTCC and Financial Services – Information Sharing and Analysis Center, an automated threat-sharing joint venture. During his tenure, he focused on alerting the business community to the risks and vulnerabilities in the cyber network. Rick was Senior Vice President and Assistant General Counsel at Bank of America, where he was responsible for cybersecurity, privacy issues, general technology, commercial contracting, outsourcing, licensing, data, and intellectual property. He was also a Vice President and Assistant General Counsel at The Hartford, where he managed the Technology Law Group that was responsible for all sourcing and technology contracts as well as intellectual property matters, including development of the patent department.

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