Eddie Doyle

Leading New Customer Engagement in Cybersecurity, Check Point Software Technologies, Ltd.

Working with corporations to identify risks that emerging threats pose to people, assets &
interests around the world, innovating products designed for corporate security leaders,
Eddie enables industry professionals to anticipate, identify, measure & mitigate those
threats the world over; bringing his network the most relevant global insights, through a
fierce uncompromising passion for winning the day!

Known for his unmatched track record of enthusiastic leadership, Eddie has cut his teeth for
over two decades in European, Canadian & US businesses, growing market share & profit margin for start-up & enterprise manufacturers alike.

Leading the world class sales, support, Partner alliance & Customer services organizations
at Check Point (NASDAQ:CHKP), responsible for new customer acquisitions, Eddie’s
unshakable optimism & vision to change the way businesses think, act & operate, specific to understanding cyber challenges, engages him in work with leaders & organizations in almost every industry, to transform company culture & create a safe, profitable working environment.

Eddie is recognized to have a very practical understanding of security risks that is different
from conventional thinking & through supervising the conversation between CHKP’s
marketing communication to new enterprises & the global threat landscape analysis of
cyber-security & cyber-terrorism, he is regularly featured as a security expert in leading
media outlets & analysis, via keynote addresses, panel discussions & interviews.

Eddie’s enormous obsession with inspiring people has molded him into a battle-hardened
leader, unafraid to fire moonshots, with an unbridled desire to use objective reality as
humanity’s only absolute & to engage in the hero's journey of pursuing productive
achievement as our noblest activity. Through his zealous love of people, he invites you to
engage with him in making the world a safe place for human ingenuity to progress into a
legendary future!

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